Vantage Joins International Aviation Waste Management Association

Jul 12, 2022

Vantage is pleased to announce its membership in the International Aviation Waste Management Association (IAWMA), a roster of sustainability, aviation, catering, economic circularity, and waste/recovery experts. To shape the waste recovery landscape, Vantage will work with IAWMA to adopt circularity across its airport and transportation infrastructure assets across the globe, further solidifying the IAWMA’s reputation as aviation’s most trusted circular economy knowledge source.

Vantage is firmly committed to the responsible development of the tourism industry and believes that the environment is everyone’s business. Vantage is a leader in airport operations with a global team composed of leaders in all aspects of management, operation, and investment to development, construction, sustainability, finance, communications, and commercial operations.

Alex Chapman, Director of Environmental, Social, and Governance, Vantage, said, “As Vantage expands and formalizes our longstanding commitment to incorporating environmental, social, and governance principles into every aspect of our business, we are proud to join IAWMA and contribute more broadly to waste/recovery efforts across our global portfolio.”

“Vantage is committed to tackling the complexities of waste management and has chosen to drive its resource recovery success actively. As a leading investor, developer, and manager of airports and transportation infrastructure across the globe, Vantage understands a multi-stakeholder approach is necessary to advance circularity within complex operations and is committed to leading the industry in this regard,” said Grégoire James, IAWMA Commercial Director. “IAWMA sees Vantage Airport Group as a valuable strategic partner, and we look forward to serving them and their stakeholders in advancing sustainability into the future.”

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