Unlocking Economic Potential: Transforming Airport Land

Managing an airport isn’t just about runways and terminals. It’s about creating a thriving ecosystem that benefits both travelers and the local community. Therefore, the airport’s surrounding land ideally should contribute to the non-aeronautical revenue of the airport while also contributing positively to the community.

Mar 26, 2024

The Challenge: Limited Development Options and Zoning Roadblocks

Our network location in Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada faced a common challenge. The community it served lacked options for light industrial development. However, the land north of the main airport access road offered an opportunity. Existing zoning regulations were a roadblock. Hotel development, for instance, was off the table. Recognizing that the community would still benefit from a land redevelopment we collaborated with forward-thinking local officials to rezone the area. The result? A “comprehensive development zone” that allowed flexibility. Now, the land can host a mix of light industrial, commercial, and accommodation uses.

Community Involvement Matters

From the beginning, Vantage engaged multiple community stakeholders, working together with the Kamloops Airport Authority Society and local partners. Their efforts culminated in unanimous approval for zoning changes covering 276 hectares of land around the airport. This collaboration is leading to further opportunity for the local community as developers are already showing interest. Non-traditional projects are in the pipeline. However, the approach needs to extend beyond commerce and use the land in ways that makes broader sense for the community and the environment. For example, in this zone, riparian areas along the Thompson River are protected for hiking and recreation, aligning with the airport’s focus on sustainability.

A Global Perspective

Elsehere in the Vantage network, Lynden Pindling Airport in Nassau, The Bahamas followed a similar path to land rezoning. By adapting zoning rules, they ensure economic benefits for both the airport and the surrounding community.

Airports aren’t just gateways; they’re catalysts for growth. Innovation and collaborative planning demonstrate how airports can transform land into prosperity, across the network.

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