Sustainability at Midway Partnership: A Commitment to Earth Day, Every Day

Midway Partnership believes that every day should be Earth Day. Our commitment to sustainability extends beyond mere rhetoric – it is woven into the fabric of our operations, and the team is taking action.  

May 20, 2024

Our Environmental Efforts Inside and Outside the Terminal

In 2023, amidst the hustle and bustle of travelers, a seemingly ordinary display case was laid out for travelers. Inside, neatly arranged, were items that most people wouldn’t give a second thought to: unused shopping bags, food containers without food, and coffee cups without coffee. But these seemingly mundane objects held a powerful message—they were the tangible results of a collective effort by the Midway team, the Chicago municipality, and 49 different retailers and concessions at the airport. 

A Collaborative Approach to Sustainability 

The Midway team embarked on a mission to improve their environmental impact every single day of the year. They scrutinized each vendor’s operations, seeking opportunities to make a difference. Here’s how they did it: 

  1. Compostable Packaging: Snacks and meals began to be served in compostable packaging. No more plastic wrappers or Styrofoam containers. Instead, travelers enjoyed their meals guilt-free, knowing that the packaging would break down naturally. 
  2. Farewell to Plastic Bags: Plastic shopping bags were banished from the airport. In their place, corn-based alternatives made their debut. These eco-friendly bags were not only sturdy but also biodegradable—a small change with a big impact. 
  3. Local Partnerships: The Midway team forged partnerships with local suppliers wherever possible. By sourcing products locally, they reduced the carbon footprint associated with transportation. Fresh produce, artisanal goods, and other items now had a shorter journey from farm to airport. 

Beyond the Terminal: A Forest Adventure 

But the Midway team wasn’t content with limiting their efforts to the airport grounds. They decided to take their commitment to sustainability beyond the terminal. So they participated in the Cook County Forest Preserve Program—a hands-on initiative to restore the health of local forests and support native ecosystems. 

  1. Chainsaws and Conservation: Staff members geared up and headed out to a nearby forest. Armed with chainsaws, they worked tirelessly to clear invasive species, create walking trails, and restore the land. For one marketing coordinator, it was a memorable experience—the hum of the chainsaw, the smell of freshly cut wood, and the satisfaction of making a tangible impact. 
  2. Habitat Restoration: By supporting native plants and animals, the Midway team played a vital role in maintaining biodiversity. From planting native trees to creating bird-friendly habitats, they left no stone unturned. 

In the end, it wasn’t just about airport operations or forest conservation—it was about a shared vision. Every day became Earth Day at Midway Airport, where sustainability was more than a buzzword; it was a way of life. And, it’s a way to make our journeys a little greener. 




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