Larnaka International Airport: A Gateway to Authentic Experiences

In the dynamic world of aviation, 2022 marked a pivotal year for Larnaka International Airport (LCA) in Cyprus, operated by Hermes Airport Group. As global travel rebounded, LCA seized the opportunity to redefine the passenger experience. The airport underwent a remarkable transformation, unveiling a redeveloped commercial area that celebrated Cyprus’s unique culture, history, and flavors. Let’s delve into the exciting changes that unfolded at LCA during this transformative year.

Sep 7, 2023

Revamped Commercial Spaces

LCA’s commercial area received a complete makeover. Travelers were welcomed by a brand-new walkthrough retail zone, where local artisans showcased their crafts, and a fully revamped food court tantalized taste buds with authentic Cypriot cuisine. The design aimed to immerse passengers in the island’s distinct sense of place, creating an unforgettable journey from the moment they stepped off the plane. The revamped LCA now offers an airport experience that everyone can be proud of. Travelers are greeted by an authentic taste of Cyprus, from the aroma of freshly baked halloumi pastries to the vibrant colors of local handicrafts. The redesign not only enhances the passenger journey but also contributes to improved business outcomes.

Growing Infrastructure with a Sense of Place

Two years after the completion of the renovation, LCA remains a bustling hub. Accommodating more passengers and flights, it capitalizes on its strengths as a destination airport. Whether travelers arrive for business or leisure, LCA leaves a lasting impression, reflecting the essence of Cyprus.

At Vantage Group, we understand that an airport is more than a transit point—it’s a gateway to a destination. Our design philosophy centers around instilling a sense of place. LCA exemplifies this approach, where every detail, from commissioned artwork to architectural elements, celebrates Cyprus’s cultural identity. Passengers feel connected to the island even before they step outside the terminal. Vantage, in collaboration with Hermes Airports, previously constructed LCA’s impressive passenger terminal. Completed in 2009, this architectural marvel added one million square feet of new infrastructure. The terminal seamlessly integrates modern amenities while paying homage to Cyprus’s history and traditions.

In 2019, the expansion continued when Hermes Airports along with its partners Cyprus Airports Duty Free and Cyprus Airports F&B Ltd., embarked on a comprehensive plan to transform the commercial areas, which lasted for 20 months and envisioned the creation of 11 upgraded retail concepts and 11 food and beverage concepts. The newly designed commercial areas offer improved passenger flow, aiming to enhance the overall travel experience and contribute to increased passenger numbers. Simultaneously, the introduction of new brands in the retail and food and beverage stores caters to a diverse range of passengers, providing a unique travel experience.

The redesigned areas, inspired by the concept of Kypriaka – a taste of Cyprus, cover a total of more than 70,000 square feet and again incorporate elements inspired by Cypriot culture and architecture. As part of the broader sense of place project, the entrance to the commercial areas features Maria Loizidou’s artwork, titled “Volant Migrants.” This expansion is considered one of the largest initiatives at the airport and will allow for continued growth and focuses on the ease of movement for travelers within the retail area. Notably, passengers can discover new brands alongside a collection of local Cyprus spirits produced by local distillers, proudly labeled as Cyprus airports’ own.

Enhanced Passenger Experience

The renovated commercial areas have significantly improved operational efficiency. Streamlined layouts, efficient checkouts, and well-curated retail spaces ensure a seamless experience for travelers. Passengers can explore local products, savor traditional dishes, and shop for souvenirs—all within the airport’s welcoming confines. And the enhanced passenger experience has yielded tangible results. Passengers now spend more on retail and food and beverage offerings. As passenger numbers continue to grow, the airport’s potential for revenue generation remains promising.

Cyprus Hospitality: A Smiling Welcome

Cyprus is renowned for its hospitality, captured by the Greek term “Philoxenia.” At LCA, this spirit comes alive through airport staff. Eleni Kaloyirou, CEO of Hermes Airports and a Vantage executive, emphasizes the importance of making passengers feel genuinely welcome. For travelers, LCA isn’t just any airport—it’s their first taste of Cyprus’s warmth and hospitality.

LCA stands as a testament to the harmonious blend of modernity and tradition—a gateway where travelers embark on their Cypriot adventure. Welcome to Cyprus, where every smile echoes the island’s hospitality.

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