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George Casey

Chair & Chief Executive Officer

George Casey headshot

George Casey is CEO and Board Chair of Vantage Group, responsible for all aspects of Vantage Group’s corporate strategy, growth initiatives, and global portfolio.

Over 40 years in the airport and aviation sector, George has been involved in capital planning and airport development, finance, operations, commercial management, mergers and acquisitions, and structuring and negotiating partnerships in almost every region of the world. He has participated in the analysis, assessment, and review of more than 170 airports worldwide under different contractual and governance structures and has overseen nearly $10 billion in airport financing in support of capital projects and acquisitions.

Working with key stakeholders, George has led more than 20 successful airport transactions and chaired or served on 16 airport boards of directors worldwide. George is the former Chair of LaGuardia Gateway Partners, which redeveloped and manages LaGuardia Terminal B, and current Chair of JFK Millennium Partners, the Vantage-led company managing Terminal 7 and building the new $4.2 billion Terminal 6 at JFK International Airport.

Before joining Vantage, George held executive positions with KPMG, PwC, and Airport Group International, where he collaborated with stakeholders to solve complex airport and transportation infrastructure challenges in jurisdictions from North America to Australia.

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